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When choosing a firm to manage your valuable and revered customer list you should be thinking about a few very critical things:

  1. Your Customers
  2. Your Involvement
  3. Your Return

Your Customers:  Will the trust you’ve earned be threatened?

When we embark on list management for any company we understand the exceptional trust you are placing in us. After all, these are valued customers who have patronized your business contributing to your success. You want to know that their privacy is being respected and protected. That's why we go out of our way to be stewards of good business when we do begin the process of cross marketing third party offers to your list. We stringently screen every offer being considered for both content and quality of service.

Offer distribution is just one aspect of caring for your records and the customers that are behind those records. Throughout the entire processes of list management we assure complete compliancy with all state and federal laws with respect to e-mail marketing and interactive advertising.

Your Return:  Is it worth it? What's the value proposition?

Because our program works on a revenue share basis, it behooves us to make the most out of every campaign put out to your list. Companies participating in our list management program enjoy 50% of the proceeds of our efforts. Generally speaking, with no labor inputs on your part, all of this additional income is net profit and the value proposition of our program is clearly evident.  

Your Involvement:  Sit back and collect a check.

While list management is not a new business model, list management on the Internet is relatively new and a totally different animal than list management offline. Typical offline campaigns such as print mailers are impossible to track, marginal in effectiveness and very, very slow. Online campaigns provide detailed tracking, quantifiable results in 72 hours or less, and are 5 times more effective. Best of all there are no postage costs, printing costs, or design costs!

Outside of approving campaigns and depositing checks no other work is required of you or your personnel. Once your records have been uploaded into our system all you do is basically collect checks. Though your involvement in the day-to-day is limited your authority and ownership of the list never changes. You maintain complete ownership of all of the records provided to us and should our relationship end we are under contract to destroy all of the data in the inventory.

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