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Our heritage is in the online Cost-for-Performance arena. In this online high stakes variant of traditional marketing, revenue is generated only when a consumer performs a specific action desired by a merchant or advertiser. CPA advertising guarantees merchants some kind of result for their spend, where traditionally spots were bought in chunks of 1000 impressions. The advertiser had to "cross their fingers" essentially and take what comes from the exposure of that predetermined amount of ad units.

The more traditional pay model placed a lot of risk on the merchant side. The CPA model is high-risk to the publisher but the rewards, when data is in the right hands, are great. And that's great for everyone involved!

The system used to deploy campaigns is crucial to achieving the great results of successful list management. Our campaign delivery software has been designed and developed from the ground up by us. As the years have past we have systematically added capability and features to this system to keep us ahead of this fast moving industry as well as the ever changing and increasingly stringent rules of major ISP's.

This in house flexibility coupled with a robust, yet simple set of features makes our campaign deliverability rates greatly exceed the industry standards. What this means to you are more eyes looking at advertisements, which always equates to more conversions, and ultimately more money! Out of the box mail systems struggle to produce the results of our nimble, highly effective, mail deployment system. Choosing us to manage your file makes you an instant beneficiary to our programming efforts.

To provide you with detailed campaign statistics you access a simplified, web based, control panel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This panel will provide all of the information you need to know to monitor the overall success of your list's production. A static display that tabulates and presents Cash Today, Cash Yesterday, Cash Month-to-Date, and Total Cash, you also have the ability to analyze campaigns across select specific date ranges. Nothing is more rewarding than logging into the system and seeing how much revenue is being generated that is totally separate from your daily profit centers! That's what list management is all about substantial, extraneous revenue to be applied wherever you see fit.

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